Elon Musk wants to 'buy the Twitter name and then dump it', claims ex-employee

Elon Musk wants to ‘buy the Twitter name and then dump it’, claims ex-employee

Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter so he can “drain it and change it”, according to an anonymous Twitter employee who left the company before the billionaire takeover.

Mr Musk had made a $44 billion bid to buy Twitter in April, rather than joining the company’s previously announced board.

He then said the deal was “on hold” due to claims that Twitter was lying about the number of bots on the platform, but following the publication of text messages as part of an upcoming legal case against Twitter for its actions, Mr. Musk said he will now buy the company.

When Mr. Musk and Twitter first announced the deal in April 2022, “it felt like everything had stopped,” the employee said, via Business Insider.

“The company has stopped replacing roles. This limited hiring, which put enormous pressure on the teams. There are people who left after Musk moved because of the environment he created. It was very stressful. »

Executives apparently said the company was in financial trouble regardless of Mr. Musk’s purchase decision, the employee claims. Twitter did not respond to The Independentrequest for comments before posting time.

“It affected the working habits of many teams. My team members feared having to show that their work was valuable to save their jobs and their team. Our manager told us that attrition was what the company wanted,” the employee said.

Mr. Musk said Twitter needed to reduce or increase its revenue. The company recently laid off 30% of its recruiting team, along with two top executives, with Mr Musk saying Twitter “needs to be healthy” and “costs outweigh revenue”, he added .

“A lot of people had mental health issues at the time. It wasn’t just that working on Twitter stuff is tricky or that big companies are high-pressure environments. It was simply unpleasant to do so much work in these uncertain circumstances, ”continues the employee.

“The company canceled projects quickly and streamlined everything. You had to start very clearly quantifying the impact of your work. Even though you supported Musk’s takeover, it had a clear effect on company employees who couldn’t ignore it.

Twitter’s internal policies have apparently not changed in anticipation of Mr Musk’s appointment as head of the company, but there are fears content moderation work will be halted once he takes over.

Mr Musk has previously said that free speech should mean allowing any content that is not illegal on the site, but experts said such a definition could put him up against both government regulation and advertisers who might not want their products promoted alongside certain content.

“It looks to me like he wants to buy the Twitter name and then completely dump it and change it,” the employee said.

“Talking to people there, no one feels safe in their job. I just don’t understand how this is going to work as a business. There is a mad attempt at restructuring in some places to save face. It’s a great time to try to get out or prepare for what’s to come.

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