I'm a super fan of McDonalds, I tested Chicken Selects and Big Macs with Aldi's version - I wasn't prepared for the results

I’m a super fan of McDonalds, I tested Chicken Selects and Big Macs with Aldi’s version – I wasn’t prepared for the results

Calling all fast food fans – have you ever wondered how Aldi’s McDonald’s inspired dishes compare to the real deal?

The budget supermarket has launched several similar products to the fast food chain, from the “Big Stack” to their chicken nuggets.

The fast food lover sampled McDonald's favorites alongside the Aldi dupes


The fast food lover sampled McDonald’s favorites alongside the Aldi dupesCredit: tiktok/@gracebooth97
These included the Big Mac version of the supermarket


These included the Big Mac version of the supermarketCredit: tiktok/@gracebooth97

Since then, customers have raved about the products, saying they taste great and save them money.

Now a McDonald’s fan has put them to the ultimate food test and tried the Aldi dupe alongside the McDonald’s product to see how they stack up – and she couldn’t believe the results.

TikTok user Grace Booth, whose profile is @gracebooth97, started by trying out the Big Stack, which costs just £1.49, versus the Big Mac, which usually costs around £3.29.

Grace was initially skeptical of the Big Stack, which is frozen — with frozen cheese — and microwaved.

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Once she had cooked the two burger patties for one minute thirty seconds and toasted the three buns, Grace built the burger, added the sauce and put it on for another thirty seconds.

Then it was ready to eat, and after taking a bite, Grace said, “I was really skeptical about it.


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“You can definitely tell it’s not a Big Mac, but they did a really good job.”

Then she turned her attention to Aldi’s version of Chicken Selects, aka Crispy Chicken Strips, which costs £2.49 compared to McDonald’s price of nearly £5.

Again, Grace followed the cooking instructions and placed them on a plate next to the real thing.

She then told her 243,000+ followers, “I’m a ride or die Chicken Select lover.

“It’s my favorite thing McDonald’s does for miles, so they better live up to expectations.”

She then delivered her verdict, glancing at the strip of chicken next to the accompanying barbecue sauce.

Grace said, “You know what, [the sauces] actually look a lot alike.

They are exactly the same


“I also feel like the Selects look a lot alike. They have the little flecks of herbs and seasonings that the McDonald’s one does.

“They’re much more convincing than the Big Macs we’ve tried.”

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Grace then took a bite of each and was surprised to report that “there’s not much in it.”

She said: “The outside is really nice and crispy and crunchy. Oh my God, they are exactly the same.

Grace slid into both burgers and shared her hot take


Grace slid into both burgers and shared her hot takeCredit: tiktok/@gracebooth97
She couldn't believe how similar the chicken strips were


She couldn’t believe how similar the chicken strips wereCredit: tiktok/@gracebooth97

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