Is it the right time for financial advice?

Is it the right time for financial advice?

THIS gives the impression that the goal posts are constantly moving. No sooner have you juggled your finances to deal with ever-rising interest rates and inflation, than a mini-budget presents itself (and a consequent additional rate reversal) that gives you pause for thought. new.

Factor in the cost of living crisis and it makes us all take a closer look at what we’re spending…and saving. Compromises are made. And plans have changed.

Anyone who has a mortgage loan offer to renew faces infinitely less favorable conditions than in recent years. And future retirees potentially need to rethink their retirement age or consider part-time employment as part of their retirement plan, to achieve the retirement they want for themselves.

And even the simplest finances have been complicated by the current financial landscape.

At times like this, a financial advisor can really help cut through the noise and bring a fresh perspective to your finances.

And while talking to loved ones about money isn’t always easy, if your financial plans affect them, it’s worth involving them when seeking financial advice. This can certainly avoid possible heartaches and misunderstandings later. This is particularly useful if you plan to pass on your wealth. I certainly know that Fidelity financial advisors are very open to this approach if it helps you.

Why do people take financial advice?

There are probably three main benefits to taking financial advice.

Peace of mind. A financial advisor, along with the supporting investment teams, can help alleviate the effort and emotion that goes into managing a portfolio. Keeping up with an ever-changing landscape can be labor intensive, and it’s all too easy to react in the moment – especially when markets fluctuate – as they so often do.

Tax-efficient investment planning – Nobody wants to pay more taxes than necessary. Your personal financial recommendation will look at how you can save in the most tax-efficient way possible. By reducing your tax, you can also potentially invest more.

A diversified portfolio built for the long term – It’s important that you take both a long-term view and hold a mix of investments so that your portfolio is designed to align with your financial and personal goals, as well as your risk profile. Your financial adviser will take all of these aspects into account to help you reduce the impact of short-term events on your investments.

Is financial advice right for you?

We find that clients tend to seek advice if they don’t have the time or inclination to manage their portfolio. Likewise, they might find investing daunting. If you have over £100,000 to invest (because there are more profitable ways to invest if you don’t) and want a personalized investment or retirement plan, or both… you could benefit to speak to a financial adviser.

How do I get financial advice?

Simply call 0800 222 550 to schedule an appointment or arrange a callback here. You can also read more about finance here

Fidelity will only offer financial advice if we believe it is appropriate for you. That’s why we offer a non-binding, free and informal chat in the first place. This first discussion only lasts about 30 minutes. It’s a two-way conversation where we’ll learn a little about you. And you can also ask as many questions as you want.

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